Welcome welcome, I’m Laura Kate Thompson and thank you for finding Blondilox. 

Blondilox was born out of my personal health journey after battling an eating disorder and a few other health issues, you can read my story here. Through my passion for health foods, breakfast and healthy snacking, I started Blondilox using ingredients such as the ones you can buy on #blondiloxyourbowl and of course with porridge being the king of it all.

Currently on Blondilox are my porridge blend bags, where you can create you own oat and superfood blend that you can cook how you want and top however you like! The ingredients to build your own Blondilox blends are all full of nutritious goodness that I have used to rebuild myself and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!                

(For the ingredient lowdown on what they are and do, check it out here.)


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