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If you've bought my new blend flavour I hope that you're loving it! Here’s an idea of a yummy & warming porridge recipe for WINTER BLEND … 


This blend is super warming, here are some of the ingredient benefits:

Ginger       Works as an anti-inflammatory

Cinnamon Known to help stabilise blood sugar

Cardamon  Promotes digestive health 

Goji Berries  Packed with vitamins & antioxidants 



  • 35g of the Winter Blend in a pan. 
  • Allow to soak and let the flavours infuse for a wee bit. 
  • Add a cup of liquid ( I use half almond milk/half water )
  • Then cook on low heat.
  • Slice thin strips of apple ( carrot is also nice with this… trust me! )  
  • Take off the heat once it's warmed through with the consistency you like.
  • Serve in your bowl & top with apple slices, a handful of seeds (sunflower & pumpkin are both great) & extra goji's if you have any.
  • Drizzle with agave, maple or honey ... whichever you fancy! 
ENJOY- share any pics of your creations & remember to hashtag #blondilox 


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