Oh hiya..

So if you guys haven't seen via my social media already then I am over here in Texas, US of A. I’m going to start blogging and also blogging more as you lot said that you wanted to see both so lets get to it with a couple of things I wanted to start off with sharing in this post... 



So these babies (image below) have really been helping me out, I have a really weak digestive system and especially when I travel I have to be on it when it comes to taking care of myself. I picked mine up from heaven aka Whole Foods and have been taking 3 a day and it's a 30 day course. The brand is Garden of Life

Puppy Love

Everyone loves dogs here and basically has one. It has got to be one of the most dog friendly cities I have ever visited, it seems it is almost part of the Texan culture and I have had a pleasure of dog sitting the princess pictured this week. Dog-friendly coffee shops, bars and restaurants are everywhere here, I now love dogs even more than I did and just cannot wait to get my own wee pooch! 


Pumpkins & Fall 

Fall...Otherwise known as Autumn to us Brits, it's a beautiful time of year here and pumpkins, they are everywhere! This is my very first halloween in the USA and I’m very excited to celebrate it. Americans celebrate big and bold on every occasion and Halloween is no different, dare I say it may be the biggest of all. Store fronts are decorated with every type of costume you could think of for your kid/dog/cat and us 'adults'. 



London Fog Tea 

London Fog Tea. It is the bomb. You can take the British girl out of Britain with her tea thing right... It's basically an earl grey tea latte, apparently it originated from Vancouver and is making its way round places in the USA now where I first tasted it.

What exactly is it? Earl grey tea which is strong, citrusy with hints of lavender and then made sweet with vanilla flavour or sweeter and then steamed milk (I take almond milk). I reckon it's a bit like marmite.

I actually had a delicious London Fog whilst visiting Canmore, Calgary (Canada) for a friends wedding last week. It was at Rock My Bagel, there is two locations and it's the most incredible breakfast and brunch spot for all things bagels. I had the vegan delight (humus, sprouts, tomato, cucumber & lettuce), it was delicious and I'm not a bagel girl which is saying something, so be sure to check it out if you’re ever in Canmore!  


Anything else you want to me blog/vlog on/check out then just hit me up via insta and I will! 


( ...and yeah I got a jeep! )