My Cowboy Boots

Yeehaw...I've got my very first pair of cowboy boots, I got these babies from Lula B's.

Aloha Bars 

I’ve tired 2 flavours (Peanut Butter & Jelly and Chocolate Mint) of these vegan protein snack bars from AlohaMy favourite is the chocolate mint and it totally hits the spot- plus it's got a good amount (14g) of plant protein so keeps me going. I really love this brand and I can’t wait to find and try more from the range!


Pickled Cucumbers / Pickled EVERYTHING

I have been buying these from Cox Market and they are slightly tangier than regular cucumbers. I have been cutting them up with watermelon and any other veggies I have in and making a dressing of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, dried chilli pepper and salt & pepper which is pretty yummy!

Turns out I love pickled everything, every type of vegetable imaginable they have here. Extra pickles on everything. Yes please! 



Hot Sauce

I love hot sauce and it turns out that I have come to the right place. Everyone in Texas love hot sauce and spice, hot sauce on absolutely everything oh yes! These mini hot sauce bottles are pretty cute... 



It’s one of my favourite fruits but I always find I eat watermelon way more when I’m away and overseas as it seem way more available to buy as produce and also tastier too.

I’ll do a recipe of my pickled cucumber & watermelon salad soon for you guys...