I think this is a super brave & important thing that Zayn Malik (One Direction) has spoken out about. It’s something I really hope that will help to raise even more awareness, particularly for men.

Eating disorders happen to men too which I feel at times can be overlooked & unfortunately also there still seems to be a stigma attached to men battling it, making it 10 times harder for them to talk about & get the help they may need.

This frustrates me & breaks my heart, because anyone who knows what suffering with an eating disorder is like also knows that it is the hardest thing firstly to comprehend & admit to yourself, then secondly to open up to & talk to others about.

I don't want to get too deep but this needs to change, men & women both suffer, it knows no gender, race or age - full stop ✋

If you’re a guy dealing with something similar & reading this I hope you know that you’re not alone & no less important- We hear ya & got your back 💗


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